Greater North Shore Full Gospel Baptist Church

First Lady Nawal C. Taylor

Photo of Elder Nawal C. Taylor Elder Nawal Taylor is a native of Casablanca, Morocco, in northern Africa. She is fluent in French, Arabic and English.

As a former Muslim, Lady Taylor embarked on a journey towards Christendom over thirty years ago.

In 1995, by her husband's side, Greater North Shore Full Gospel Baptist Church was founded. Soon after, Lady Taylor founded the Women of Virtue, the women's ministry at Greater North Shore.

Lady Taylor answered her call to ministry in 2006.... and in 2014, she was ordained as an Elder.

First Lady Taylor is conjoined to the mission and vision of reaching the lost at any cost along with her husband.

She has a heart of compassion for people and will do whatever she can to help someone in need. Clearly with First Lady Taylor, the work of Christ is a commitment she cherishes and takes seriously. She points out that when she "fell in love with Jesus Christ" everything about her changed and the metamorphosis is highly visible.

Bishop and First Lady Taylor are the proud, yet humble parents of Radwane, Natasha (Derrick), and Ryan (Megan) and the grandparents of Drake, Milania, Ethan, and Ryan Jr.